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House is our brand new show, currently in development. We are creating two versions of House, one for 2-5 year olds and one for 5-7 year olds.


House will be an interactive, sensory spectacle guided by poetry. In a house where nothing is quite as it seems, stars fall in through the skylight, the walls are awash with refracted rainbows and rain tumbles down from the roof and forms an ocean. 

We began developing this show, with a R&D at the Unicorn Theatre in January 2020. Since then of course, people’s relationships with home have radically shifted all around the world due to lockdowns. House will be a show about sharing space with others, the vital importance of safe nesting spaces and the power of our imaginations to break down walls and dissolve distance. House is about creating a wide world wherever you are.

Design images by Kirsty Harris. 

House image main - Credit Daniel Diego L
R & D Image
House 2
Wallpaper 2
House logo
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